Manage Risk with
Ladris Enterprise AI

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Prepare for emergencies by mapping out every hypothetical scenario ahead of time.

Ladris AI allows governments to forecast and visualize hypothetical population risks, and provides infrastructure to extend critical information to citizens at the precise times when it is needed most.


A changing climate requires innovative new approaches.

Identify critical insights into energy infrastructure and optimize performance by integrating all of your data and using it to power best-in-class artificial intelligence risk models.


Granular underwriting powered by proprietary data insights.

Ladris operates best-in-class artificial intelligence algorithms and has access to vast repositories of data. This means underwriters have the granular data and models they need to write more policies and unlock new markets.

Risk Management

Look for signals in all of your data.

Without granular controls and insight into all of your data, companies run the risk of missing key risk signals. Ladris Enterprise sources every type of disparate data and allows companies to use all of it simultaneously to forecast and visualize future risk.

Data Integration

Break down data silos and integrate legacy systems.

Disparate data is as good as useless. The first step in deriving value from data is integrating it into structures that humans can make sense of.

Machine Learning

Optimize problems at the speed of artificial intelligence.

Data-driven insights are easy enough to come by in research settings, but require extensive expertise to implement at scale in production environments, where the stakes are high and realtime performance is critical. Ladris solves this problem for companies small and large.