September 30, 2023

Ladris Partners With Witt O’Brien’s For Broad Innovations To Emergency Response Planning

Collaboration offers strategic support as California counties overhaul evacuation plans

SACRAMENTO, CA - Ladris is partnering with Witt O’Brien’s, a global leader in crisis management and resilience, to progress evacuation planning solutions for the safety of California citizens.

Ladris’ software allows emergency managers, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and other public sector officials to simulate detailed population responses to all-risk emergencies, including evacuation times and traffic conditions, before and during emergency incidents for any number of what-if scenarios.

“We have a pivotal opportunity to provide a critical suite of complementary services,” said Scott Stoermer, Managing Director of Readiness & Response at Witt O’Brien’s. “Like the rest of the nation, California faces environmental emergencies of increasing frequency and complexity. With the expertise of the nation’s best response planners at Witt O’Brien’s, empowered by Ladris’ machine-learning and evacuation modeling software,” Stoermer continued, “we can deliver comprehensive, localized solutions for emergency response planning at a time when officials and citizens need this kind of innovative support more than ever before.”

Under the new mandates of the California Assembly Bill 747 and the California Senate Bill 99, each of the state’s counties must revise the evacuation section of their local hazard mitigation plan to ensure optimal capacity, safety, and viability against a range of emergency scenarios. Ladris’s partnership with Witt O’Brien’s could be an essential resource for government officials in California who look to be maximally strategic and efficient in completing these major revisions. 

“Ladris’ mission is to give the power of artificial intelligence directly to the people in charge of response planning and public education for evacuation scenarios,” said Leo Zlimen, CEO of Ladris. “Our partnership with Witt O’Brien’s will enable emergency managers and other officials to plan with greater efficiency and detail, which will give them more time and stronger evidence to prepare their communities and protect them in the event of any potential evacuation scenario.”

About Ladris Technologies

Ladris is a leading provider of artificial intelligence models that forecast the impacts of man-made and climate-driven disasters on infrastructure and population for use by governments and enterprises. Ladris AI enables users to create dynamic evacuation simulations before, during, and after emergency events with quantified evacuation times and traffic congestion conditions, allowing users to analyze “what-if” scenarios that show how specific changes may impact readiness, response plans, and operations.

About Witt O’Brien’s

Founded in 1992, Witt O’Brien's is a global leader in crisis management and resilience solutions. Operating from hubs in Houston, London, and Singapore, its diverse services include the design and implementation of social and infrastructure programs, business continuity, and emergency management. Witt O’Brien’s is trusted by over 1,500 organizations worldwide, including government agencies and Fortune 100 companies.

Witt O’Brien’s is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ambipar Response, a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AMBI. Ambipar Response is a global leader in integrated environmental and emergency management solutions, building sustainability and resilience from over 400 locations worldwide. 

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