The Most Advanced Evacuation Model Available Today

Disasters can happen anywhere, anytime. EVAC-1 can help you prepare for evacuations smarter, faster and safeguard your community with measurable benchmarks for evacuation speed and effectiveness.

Enhance Disaster Response through Comprehensive Planning

When a disaster strikes, agencies need to determine quickly who needs to be evacuated and where they should be evacuated to. With EVAC-1, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of response efforts. Conduct an unlimited number of simulations and envision countless scenarios. Incorporate real-time traffic, select any size geographic region, and choose one or more evacuation points. Get results in seconds.
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In-Depth Analysis for Operational Decision-Making

EVAC-1 includes an intuitive interface displaying visual representations of evacuations and AI-driven quantitative metrics. These analytics enable emergency managers to make key tactical decisions and continuous improvements such as contraflowing roads, traffic control points or redirecting traffic.

Software You Can Trust

Built from the ground up, EVAC-1 is the most powerful evacuation modeling software available on the market today, using a wide variety of data sources and a set of unique and validated algorithms. A proven platform designed to safeguard lives and property, EVAC-1 has been deployed to communities across North America. Through continuous improvements and adapting to meet the evolving needs of communities and emergency services, EVAC-1 produces results you can rely on.
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