Dynamic Evacuation Response Capabilities

Truckee uses Ladris AI to rewrite evac plans in minutes.

Clear & Present Threat

Truckee is a tourist hotspot near Lake Tahoe, California that struggles with extreme wildfire risk combined with limited evacuation routes, huge population spikes and constrained response capabilities. Truckee had no means of reliably predicting how long evacuations would take or the ripple effects of various evacuation response options. 

In Fall 2022, these fears became realized when the Mosquito Fire broke out less than 60 miles away, burning 76,000 acres as one of CA's largest-ever wildfires. Truckee had less than 72 hours to plan the evacuation of their entire region with the fire rapidly approaching. 

Solved by AI + Human Intuition

Using Ladris AI, Truckee Fire & PD were able to respond to the threat posed by the Mosquito Fire with unprecedented speed, meshing their own local knowledge with AI to generate an evacuation plan within hours for a response to save tens of thousands. The fire was contained at the 11th hour, but Truckee proved its ability to adapt on the fly. 


Rapid Response Capabilities 

Truckee was able to mobilize for evacuation at an unprecedented speed without having to rely solely on "best-guess" estimates made under duress. 

Putting Numbers to Tactical Decisions 

Truckee was able to prevent tunnel vision during response by quantifying the outcomes of tactical decisions made by operators on the ground. 

Lessons Learned Aid Future Mitigation Efforts 

Truckee's experiences during the 2022 fire live on in Ladris, which is now being used to update Truckee's emergency plans and make go/no-go calls on new egress routes.

"Ladris is the holy grail of what we've been trying to get to."
Sgt. Bob Womack
Emergency Manager Town of Truckee

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