May 6, 2024

Ladris Unveils Advanced Fire Spread Modeling Software for Emergency Managers

Sacramento, CA, May 6, 2024 – Ladris Technologies, Inc., a leading artificial intelligence software provider, today released Fire-1, a cutting-edge wildfire spread model designed specifically for use by Emergency Managers. This software assists with wildfire emergency management by offering advanced features that enable targeted prevention, effective crisis response and strategic fire mitigation efforts.

Fire-1 offers a remarkably easy-to-use interface, making navigation simple and providing intuitive controls while delivering robust and granular data outputs. This ease of use is combined with best-in-class speed, with results generated in five to 15 seconds, allowing users to run multiple simulations effortlessly. The model generates comprehensive data on fire progression, major and minor fire paths, impacted wildfire areas, and details on the number and location of affected homes. These insights equip emergency managers with quantifiable, specific  information for accurate risk assessment and effective response strategy formulation.

“Ladris Fire-1 is unique in that it is a fire model purpose-built for our core customer: the Emergency Manager,” said Leo Zlimen, CEO of Ladris. “Trust, accuracy, and reliability of risk modeling continues to be the foundation of Ladris’ service to the emergency management community. With Fire-1, Ladris continues to meet the standards our customers have set by delivering a robust, deeply informed data product for communities looking to prevent, respond, and mitigate damaging wildfires using tangible metrics and quantifiable forecasts.”

Ladris has integrated Fire-1 with the company’s flagship, industry-leading evacuation modeling software, allowing users to run both dynamic models simultaneously on the same screen. This integration enables real-time safety assessment and optimized evacuation plan development, further showcasing Ladris’ deep commitment to advancing emergency management solutions.

The company is showcasing its new fire modeling software at the California Emergency Services Association (CESA) Annual Conference and Training, taking place May 6-9 in Palm Springs. Visit Booth 42 to learn more or visit

About Ladris

Ladris Technologies is the leading provider of artificial intelligence models that forecast the impact of man-made and climate-driven disasters on infrastructure and population for use by governments and enterprises. Ladris AI enables users to create dynamic evacuation and disaster simulations  before, during, and after emergency events with quantified evacuation times and traffic congestion conditions, allowing users to analyze “what-if” scenarios that show how specific changes may impact readiness, response plans, and operations. For more information, visit