March 6, 2024

Marin Wildfire Protection Authority Selects Ladris AI For Disaster Readiness

Ladris AI To Provide Mission-Critical Data Modeling and Analysis

San Francisco, CA – Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) and the County of Marin Office of Emergency Management (OEM) have selected Ladris Technologies as their artificial intelligence platform to enhance life safety and evacuation preparedness.

Marin County and the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority have become national leaders in evacuation readiness over the last five years, with multiple initiatives that set a high bar for the use of technology in public safety. This has included robust data gathering efforts with Sonoma Technologies, early adoption of the Genasys Protect platform, and a variety of analytical studies on egress capabilities. Ladris AI adds a predictive analytics platform, enabling Marin to identify areas of concern, evaluate options to reduce evacuation times, and help prioritize mitigation projects.

Steven Torrence, the County’s Director of Emergency Management said, “Ladris AI will enhance Marin OEM’s ability to inform the public of the best ways to prepare for evacuations, coordinate across jurisdictions with dynamic data for local law and fire officials, and predict and respond to fast-moving incidents with data-driven evacuation times.” Ladris AI provides emergency managers a unique ability to pull live traffic feeds and leverage AI to make operational decisions. Fire Chief Chris Tubbs of Southern Marin Fire District stated, “Ladris’ combination of live traffic and the ability to model evacuations during an emergency is the holy grail of evacuation management.”

Recent California legislation including Assembly Bill 747 and State Bill 99 has increased the urgency and fidelity needed for evacuation planning. Previously the City of Mill Valley had conducted a study with researchers from Google, focused on assessing the impacts of different evacuation strategies in Mill Valley. Speaking in favor of the Ladris platform, Rick Navarro, Chief of the Mill Valley Police Department, said “The ability to model different scenarios whenever necessary allows us to take the Google study to the next level. Ladris will greatly enhance Marin County law enforcement capabilities.”

Leo Zlimen, CEO of Ladris, explained, "Marin is a nationally recognized leader in wildfire and evacuation preparedness. Communities across CA have benefitted from their strong position on this critical issue. Ladris is honored to partner with Marin to deliver AI that protects life and property." A host of critical analysis projects and operational readiness training workshops are underway. Mark Brown, Executive Officer of the MWPA and former Deputy Fire Chief of Marin, states, “Ladris provides capabilities we have wanted to implement for years, and we expect this partnership to make a significant impact on Marin’s fire and life safety readiness.”

About Ladris: Ladris Technologies is the leading provider of artificial intelligence models that forecast the impacts of man-made and climate-driven disasters on infrastructure and population for use by governments and enterprises. Ladris AI enables users to create dynamic evacuation simulations before, during, and after emergency events with quantified evacuation times and traffic congestion conditions, allowing users to analyze “what-if” scenarios that show how specific changes may impact readiness, response plans, and operations. For more information, visit

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Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority
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Marin County OEM
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