November 29, 2022

SWCA Partners with Ladris to Add Evacuation Modeling to Wildfire and Disaster Planning Services

Collaboration enables cities and counties to utilize artificial intelligence to inform emergency response strategies

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Sarah Rambeau

SWCA Environmental Consultants


Stefanie Fenton

Ladris Technologies, Inc.

Ph:415 828 2482

PHOENIX, AZ - SWCA is partnering with Ladris Technologies, an artificial intelligence software provider, to incorporate dynamic evacuation analysis for comprehensive community planning in response to wildfire and other disasters.

Ladris Technologies’ software allows emergency managers, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and other public sector customers to simulate detailed population responses to all-risk disasters, including evacuation times and traffic conditions, before and during emergency events for any number of what-if scenarios. Evacuation modeling can identify areas of concern, evaluate strategies to reduce evacuation times, assess key infrastructure improvements, prioritize areas needing mitigation, and bring critical awareness and education to the community about real situations where they live.

“Every community is unique in regard to the likelihood of what type and when a disaster may occur and how they best respond to a community-wide emergency,” said Vicky Amato, Principal Environmental Planner. “By partnering with Ladris, we’re able to bring complex scenario modeling into our wildfire and disaster planning and help our clients better prepare their communities and keep people safe.”

Recent California legislation has increased the urgency and need for evacuation planning, and Ladris’ modeling is key to implementing the new state requirements mandated in the California Assembly Bill 747 and the California Senate Bill 99.

“By enabling emergency managers to plan more efficiently and in greater detail with our software, more time can be devoted to community preparation and resilience,” said Leo Zlimen, CEO of Ladris. “Ladris’ mission is to put the power of data and artificial intelligence directly into the hands of people who can use it to make a tangible difference in how they do their work. Our partnership with SWCA is a natural fit, combining Ladris AI’s groundbreaking technology and usability with SWCA’s industry-leading expertise.”

About SWCA

SWCA is a nationwide consulting firm focused on environmental planning, permitting, compliance, climate-driven services, and restoration. In the face of rapid environmental, economic, and societal changes, our purpose is simple: to preserve natural and cultural resources for tomorrow while enabling projects that benefit people today. Our team of 1,400 scientists, planners, technical specialists, creative thinkers, and problem solvers assists our clients in navigating the environmental regulations and requirements related to their projects.

With nearly two decades of experience in wildfire sciences, SWCA is a recognized leader in fire planning. We emphasize collaborative planning across multi-jurisdictional landscapes and offer a full suite of services for all stages of the wildfire cycle: readiness, response, recovery, and restoration. From vegetation management plans to Community Wildfire Protection Plans, SWCA provides tailored solutions to dynamic situations for government and NGO organizations alike.

About Ladris Technologies

Ladris is a software firm that puts the power of artificial intelligence (AI) directly into the hands of end users. Companies, governments, and institutions use Ladris AI to solve mission-critical problems by integrating disparate data and leveraging machine learning to mitigate risk, optimize revenue, and create lasting enterprise value.