How it Works

Run simulations of disaster scenarios before they occur to plan emergency management and promote community awareness.

How Customers Use Ladris to Mitigate Risk from Climate Disasters

Ladris AI allows users to forecast the impact of the disaster and visualize quantifiable evacuation plans.
Governments use our software to do this work, and companies use our software to win this work.

Multi–Agency Disaster Drills for Dynamic Hazard Planning

Identify critical insights into energy infrastructure and optimize performance by integrating all of your data and using it to power best-in-class artificial intelligence risk models.
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Clomate Risk Management Process - Preparedness

Insights and Data

Define the impact zone and population density to enhance situational awareness for evacuation planning.
Clomate Risk Management Process - Response

Infrastructure Investment Analysis

Analyze the impact of infrastructure improvements in advance of making those investments.
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Clomate Risk Management Process - Recovery

Critical Infrastructure Investment ROI

Evacuate with certainty, safety and confidence, Stay ahead of emergencies with our game-changing solutions.
Clomate Risk Management Process - Mitigation

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